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I was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, a city on the western shore of Lake Michigan, and lived there the first 22 years of my life. I spent the next 25 years looping between Southern California and Middle Tennessee. In March of 2020, I found myself back in my hometown on what I initially thought would be a short, fun break from life’s normal grind while health experts got something called a coronavirus figured out. Little did I know, I’d be there the remainder of the year.



Click on the photos below to learn more about each song. 




All songs written by Chris Richards, 

except “Fond du Lac Jail,” traditional with additional lyrics by Chris Richards


Produced by Joe V. McMahan & Chris Richards

Recorded and mixed by Joe V. McMahan at Wow & Flutter Studio, East Nashville, TN

Mastered by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering, Nashville, TN

Photography by DC Rambow at H.H. Bennett Studio, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Album and website design by Chad Steinborn


Wes L’Anglois: Acoustic guitar, hi-string guitar, electric guitar, harmonica

Fats Kaplin: Fiddle, dobro, mandolin 

Andrea Zonn: Violin, backing vocals

Peter Cooper: Backing vocals

Bryan Owings: Percussion

Chris Richards: Vocals, acoustic guitar




Mary Ellen & Bill Richards * Bill, Larissa, Keegan & Emma Richards * Tom Richards * Daniel Richards * the Ross, Ward & Weber families * Margaret & Larry at the Cram-A-Lot Inn * Dawn, Miss Ellie & Waylon McCoy * Joe V. and Eartha McMahan * Wes L’Anglois * Andrea Zonn * Thomm Jutz & Eva Stabenow * Peter, Charlotte & Baker Cooper * Butch Primm & Margaret Bushart * Bob & Paula Van Akkeren * Anjali Raval * Kelsey & Apurva Patel * Heather Martin * Milind & Robin Raval * Matt Marr * Patrik & Jill Giardino * Alex McCollough * Mike & Jodie Fratantuno * Transcenders * Jon Byrd & Irina Gukasova * Dub Cornett * Gina Frary Bacon * DC Rambow and Jenna Loda Eddy at H.H. Bennett Studio * Norm Parenteau * Bob Harris, OBE * Sylvie Simmons * Lloyd Green & Saundra Steele * Peter & Jennifer Jesperson * Cheryl Pawelski * Jo & Caroline Almeida * Rick & Susie Shea * Bob & Robin Clark * Chris Cooper * Van DeLisle & Karin McCool * Eric Brace & Mary Ann Werner * Jay Orr * Brenda Colladay * Dan Olson * Manuel Delgado at Delgado Guitars * Tamara Saviano * Chad Steinborn * Nicole Knickmeyer * Amy Cook * Jack Spencer * Mickey Raphael * Holly Ramey * The Brotherhood of the Beaver * my friends at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum * Helene Stratman-Thomas * James P. Leary * Bill C. & Bobbie Malone * Peshtigo Fire Museum * Mead Public Library 


Special thanks to H.H. Bennett Studio (a Wisconsin Historic Site) in Wisconsin Dells, the Wisconsin Historical Society, and The Wisconsin Folksong Collection / The Helene Stratman-Thomas Collection at Mills Music Library at the University of Wisconsin–Madison for inspiration and for caring for Wisconsin’s treasures.


For Mary Ellen and Bill, and for Miss Ellie McCoy (2004-2020)

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